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Arachne's Web in 2024!


It's been a minute, I know. We had quite a year!

Changes are coming at Arachne's Web for 2024. REad on to learn more!

We will no longer be selling products we don't make!

Alison and Mars are both artistis and makers. So we've decided to change our focus to only selling items we make. We make a lot!

  • Handmade herbal ritual incense

  • Essential oil sprays

  • Ritual inks and salts

  • Unique and limited edition altar tools

    • Chalies

    • Wands from sacred woods

    • More to come!

  • We print oue art work on mugs and holiday ornaments

  • We design pagan greeting cards!

We plan to apply ourselves to many more projects in the coming year, so our web site is going through some house cleaning. You will see a massive clearance section that is clearing out the old to make way for the new!

Another change is i plan to write more blog posts! So I'd like feedback from you on what you'e like to see. Are you interested in astrology topics? Tarot? How to articles about how to make incense or craft spells? Please email: and tell me!

We sincerely hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and a safe, healthy, happy and magical New Year! And we hope to have you in our lives for many years to come!



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