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Magical Shielding and a Few Visualization Practices

The practice of witchcraft and magic can be done in as many ways as there are witches. Seriously. No matter what you may have heard, your way can be the right way, for you. I rarely meet two people who do things the exact same way (outside of formal Coven practices). Solitary practitioners have their own ways, and those ways are generally very effective for them.

It makes no sense to focus on how your ways differ from those of someone else. Share with them what you do and LISTEN to them about what works for them. You might decide their practice does not resonate with you and that is OK. Or you might decide some elements DO resonate. In the best cases, you may find that you learn from each other and find new methods of doing things.

The exception to the above is:

  • I have never met an effective Witch who doesn’t visualize and focus on intentions. I believe this is how magic happens.

  • Every Witch I know has a basic understanding of Centering and Grounding. These are the basic skills used when you raise power, and when you release it.

  • All the people I know who have practiced for a few years understand the concept of shielding. There will be times in everyone’s life when the knowledge and ability to shield will make life far more pleasant.

The following are a few general examples and practices that can help you learn the basic skills mentioned above. These are not the only methods. If you look, you will find a lot of discussions and books about these topics. This is some free advice from a Crone.

First, I’d like you to remember 3 things:

  1. The most effective magic for you comes from you!

  2. You are strong enough to perform your own magic. Stand in your power.

  3. You don’t need expensive ingredients or special tools to perform magic unless you want them.


The foundation of all magic practice for me, has been to learn the art of visualization. When casting a circle, I “see” the green flame. For me it’s green – for you it might be a blue shimmer, or a red wave. When I was younger, I would use an athame or wand to cast a circle. I could see the green flame coming from the tip of the tool. Now the flame comes from my right index finger. The truth of course, is that it always came from me, through the tool. Now I just use my mind and my hand.

When you do spell work, you visualize the intended outcome. When you manifest things into your life, you visualize what you want and need. Visualizing and focus make magic.

Thoughts become things, friends. Remember that. Thoughts you focus hard on and visualize, become things faster.

Center and Ground

Another fundamental practice in magic works of all kinds is Centering and Grounding. Centering prepares you to do magic; Grounding helps you send the excess energy back into the Earth when you’re done. These skills do other things, but this is enough to start.

Centering: Sit or stand quietly. Focus on pulling all your energy into yourself and pulling it to the center of your body (your solar plexus). Be aware of how energy radiates out from you and pull it back into yourself. Hold it there. Feel the sensation of holding all your power within yourself and containing it.

Grounding: Release the power down into the ground. See it shoot like a long tap root from your spine deep into the Earth. See it dissipate into the ground and feel the release as the power you built up leaves.

Practice: If you do nothing else most days, spend 15 minutes practicing centering and grounding. That’s it, just 15 minutes. It’s like weightlifting; it will pay off.

Magical Shielding

A shield, when we imagine it, is usually a big wooden or metal object held by a warrior as they ride into battle. That analogy isn’t bad.

There is another kind of shield though, that only you can “see”. It is every bit as effective as that big metal shield. This magical shield is energetic, and it comes from your center of power.

Using a Magical Shield can be useful for many reasons:

  • You are very intuitive and find you are feeling tired or spent from close contact with others.

  • You find yourself feeling nervous and uncomfortable when out in public, even though you are in no immediate danger.

A shield can be pictured as a large bubble of energy that surrounds your whole body. I often see it like an egg that covers all of me when I raise it.

Practice visualizing a bubble of energy springing up around you, covering you from all directions. See how quickly you can “see” the shield in place. Know that nothing penetrates the shield except what you allow in.


  • Allow clear, healing light into the bubble, but lock everything else out.

  • Visualize negative energy like rain or smoke, hitting the bubble and being repelled.

  • Try seeing that bubble get so big, it covers your whole house. This is especially nice when you’re going to sleep as it makes a nice cozy, protective feeling in the house.

A Word About Protection Magic

I am asked about protection magic a lot. Arguably more than any other kind of spells, I am asked for protection spells. I don’t do a lot of spell work for protection.

What I do:

  • Create protection spell bottles and keep them scattered around my home.

  • Make protection charms that I carry with me sometimes.

  • Clear the energy in my home and sacred space frequently.

I hope this provides a starting place.

If there are topics you’d like me to write about, please email me at: I will be working on writing a series of these posts and it would be great to know I am writing on topics you want. 😊

Bright blessings.



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