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About Us

About Arachne's Web


Arachne's Web has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. I have had multiple small businesses over the years; jewelry, bath and body care, perfuming...but I always dreamed of a shop devoted to Witchcraft and all things Witchy!  And in 2019, Arachne's Web was born...


Blossoming on the World Wide Web

Mars and I had a brick and mortar store, years ago. It was "sort of" witchy, but in the small town where we opened, we had to walk a careful line to avoid scaring away our customers. So the shop was really more "New Age" than Witchy. That shop closed in 2008 with the crash that took out so many wonderful witchy shops.  But Mars and I learned a lot, and we moved on. 

Building Our Own Site

Over the years since our shop closed, Mars and I talked about it, did a variety of creative projects together and I always studied Witchcraft. I have been reading and studying about plants, herbs, trees, stones and oils for over 40 years. One day in 2019, I decided it was time to try out my dream Witchy shop as an Internet business.

How would that work, I wondered.  Will I feel the same connection to my customers? Will they feel connected to me? Will we have the sense of community that you get in a local Witch shop?

We decided to try Etsy first, because we have done business as artists on Etsy for years. We began putting up herbs, some candles, some oils and my sprays. Over time we added a little bit of jewelry, lots of stones and started adding a little art. Little by little, our sales grew slowly, reviews from our lovely customers helped us gain traction.

I have always thought that one of the nicest parts of shopping in a lovely store is the beautiful package, with the pretty tissue, the lovely smells and the sense of being pampered. I wanted that for my customers. We still work on that today and I hope we achieve it.

Today, we are working to restore our 200 year old barn. We hope to move the business into it sometime in 2023/24. We still work together to make moonwater each time the moon is full. Mars makes magickal charcoal for me in a firepit out back, I combine ingredients and make blends for all sorts of magick, and Mars does designs for chalices and wands and altar tiles and candle holders...his list is long!

We would both like to thank you, our customers, for bringing us to this point. The journey has had several starts and some stalls, but it has continued to move forward. We hope to continue her and get to know all of youi the years to come!

Bright blessings!

Alison and Mars
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