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Blessing Rituals for Yule 2022

Hello all and welcome back to our blog! This post is full of clearing and cleasing ideas for your space and to prepare your home for Yule!

House Clearing


One of my favorite things to do at this time of year is to clear and cleanse my home. As we prepare to be indoors more through the winter, I love to do some extra work on the energy in the spaces of our home to make them feel safer, cozier and more welcoming. It is also a good idea to prepare your home to have guests - friends and family - come into the space. As you decorate and spiff up the space, dust off your wards and boundaries to keep your space calm and tranquil through the crazy holiday season!

Sprays & Smoke

Something I do nearly every week is go from one end of my home to the other, using a clearing spray that is nice for the season. I mist each room, focusing my intention on clearing away stale and negastive energy. One by one, I work my way through the whole house and push all that negativity out into the sunlight and fresh air, allowing it to disipate into the air harmlessly. In warmer weather I sometimes use incense or sage, but only if my windows are open. It gets too smoky with everything closed. One double duty spray I like to use is our Purification Liquid Sage spray. The scent is made with Sage, Cedar, Palo Santo and other herbs and it is clean and calming.


Another thing I now do at least once a month is cleanse my mirrors. I got this idea form Mickie Mueller's book The Witch's Mirror. I made some recipes similar to Mickie's and I set them to clear and cleanse our mirrors and the difference in the energy is amazing!

Infusions & Oils

As part of our basic house cleaning each week, I make it a bit witchy by adding infusions and sometimes a little essential oil into our cleaning sprays and washes. Herbs like Lavender, Blessed Thistle, Clove and Rosemary have wonderful clearing and protective qualities, so adding a splash of infusions from any of them to your cleaning water adds a wonderful energetic cleansing property.


Lastly, a good old fashioned sweep with your trusty broom can have an amazing imact on the energy in your space. Both sweeping dust and debris, and sweep energetically by sweeping with your broom a few inches above the floor and moving the energy toward the doors is an easy, free and wonderful thing to do!

Lemon Uncrossing

One of my favorite clearing routines comes from the fabulous Mickie Mueller on you Tube. If you don't know her channel, check it out! She is also a well known author and illustrator for Llewellyn.

Mickie has a wonderful video about her Lemon Uncrossing Spell. I do this ritual at least every other month as an energy hygene practice in our home. I love the way the house feels once it's done. Best of all, it is simple, and almost free - just need a lemon and some salt!

House Blessing


Blessing is one of the simplest but most effective things you can do in a space. After clearing the negative energy, I often go back through with a spray made for blessing. I use our Liquid Sage spray a lot for this as it is neutral and has a nice clean scent.

I take a few minutes to charge and add sigils to candles all over my house once the place is clear and clean. Then as I light the candles (which I do daily), I focus my intention on welcoming the lighter, happier energy into the space.

Keeping the Energy Calm

One simple witchy trick for maintaining calm, clear energy with no excess negativity in your space is to put little bowls or dishes of Blessed Thistle around. I use miniature stone bowls, and put a bowl in each space we sit in regularly. The impact is immediately noticeable for me, and I find one little dish lasts at least a month or two.

We often also put out little bowls of salt - just plain sea salt form the dollar store. If you do this one, make sure to use a glass or stone dish or bowl, and not something made from metal. The salt is incredibly corrosive to anything metal. I nearly ruined a pretty little brass bowl using it for salt. I was able to polish it up and get it back, but it looked pretty bad when I first noticed it had gone all green and lumpy looking.

I hope these tips help you keep your witchy space clear and peaceful this year during the winter months. As we all settle into our houses and prepare for snow and gloomy days, lets make that space a magickal refuge!

Bright blessings for a magickal and joyous Yule!


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