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All things Magick, Spells, Witchy DIYs and How Tos!

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Welcome to Arachne's Web, now Catch a Little Magick!


My name is Alison, and I am the curator of Arachne's Web. I have been a practicing witch for over 40 years! My focus has shifted over time from spell craft, to magickal oils and sprays, to incense and the lifelong study of the Witch's Apothecary.

Over the year I have tried my hand at so many kinds of magick and divination. From Tarot and Runes to my recent obsession with Lenormand, the world of intuition is always close at hand. The house here in New Hampshire is loaded with tarot decks, crystals and stones, enchanted mirrors and so much more!

This blog is going to be a place where I can describe the processes I use to create magickal ingredients and finished goods. From the details of our Samhain black salt production, to our Beltane dew gathering and so many other activities during our year. From making wands and altar tools from braches of sacred trees when they gift us with wind fall or storm fall, to sending old spells and finished items back to the Earth or the fires on the Esbat. This blog is for talking about Witchcraft with an Eclectic Crone (and her little dogs, too).

Each month, we put disstilled water out to charge under the full moon. When there is a good storm, we put water out or catch the storm water - we use it our sprays!

A Focus on Witchcraft Education

One thing you learn early when styudying Witchcraft is that everyone has their own ideas! Some Witches believe strongly that you should work spells during the correct/corresponding phases of the moon. Some believe they can ignore the moon phases entirely, and some believe a mix of the two ideas.

Having said that, I am passionate about education and about helping others develop a deeper and more meaningful relationship with their craft. I know you may not always agree with the information you see on my site or my blog, but I will always be happy to discuss where and how I came to my ideas. Who knows, maybe you can change my mind!

You will often see reading lists here, that cover titles I have loved over the years. Whenever I can recommend a good book on a subject, I will. I often link to Amazon for convenience, but I am not an affiliate. So if you can find books at independant sellers - please do! Support your fellow Witches!

Trying to Always Keep it Sustainable

The world is getting pretty ridiculous in terms of money. Everything costs So much now. It seems like every time i go to re-order supplies from my suppliers, their prices go up. As a result, sadly our prices have gone up a lot since we started.

Mars and I feel strongly that part of our goal is to bring our customers the best quality, most diverse set of choices, at the best price we can manage. The options here on our web site are much wider than on our Etsy shop, and the prices are significant'y more affordable. The reason is that on Etsy we can only sell items we actually make ourselves, and the fees are brutal. Here we sell things we make too, but also sell items we curate from all over the world.

We are trying a variety of ways to ship things to keep the nice feel but make things more sustainable.

A word about shipping: One reason Etsy has become so hard for us is the requirement to make all shipping free. As I am sure you can imagine, shipping is not free. Most sellers simply raise their prices (often more than the shipping would actually cost), and label the listing as free shipping. We do have higher prices to accomodate the shipping there, but we also refund any overages. On this site, the shipping isn't free, but the prices are significantly lower. We hope that makes the process more fair and transparent everyone.

I very much hope that we will all become friends here in this space. This is a space of inclusiveness. Diverse opinions are welcome here. We are friends meeting to learn from each other. I hope you will leave comments and ideas for future posts. If there is a subject yoyu'd like me to write about - tell me!

Bright blessings!


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