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Essential Oil Sage Spray, Witch's Purification Spray, Witch's clearing spray, purification spray, Liquid Clearing Spray in Moon Water


The full moon inspired me to create a new clearing purification spray!


  1. First, I made moon water. I filled cleaned, purified containers with clean water and tumbled moonstones, then put them out under the light of the full moon. I brought them in just before dawn to avoid any ray of sun touching the water.
  2. Next, I added pure, essential oils in a proprietary blend of Sage, Palo Santo, Lavender, Rosemary and Cedar. 
  3. To each bottle, I added Aquamarine and Quartz gemstone pieces for purification. 
  4. I charged the resulting bottled sprays on my altar through a whole moon cycle, and as the moon began to wax again, labeled them and put a lovely little moon charm on each bottle.


Now the spray is ready for you! 


This listing is for a 4 fluid oz. bottle, shipped with a sprayer. The bottle is shipped capped for leak-proof mailing.


The goal of this spray is to provide an alternative for Witches who cannot use smoke - traditional sage/smudge or incense - either because of allergies or asthma, or because of living situation. This lovely spray can be used through your living space to gently clear and purify, removing negative influences from sacred space, magical tools or even yourself!



DIstilled water, essential oils of Sage, Cedar, Palo Santo, Lavender and Rosemary, Australian Bush Purification Blend, Aquamarine and Quartz crystals. 


My intention is that this spray should bring purification, peace, calm and sacred clearing to every space/person it touches.


Note: This information is for entertainment use only.

Purification Liquid Sage Essential Oil Spray

SKU: PurificationSpray
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