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LED Glowing Pendant, Filigree Pendant with LED Light, Firefly Pendant, Colored Light Pendant, Glowing Jewelry, LED Jewelry


Want to add something really unique to your look at your next evening event? Look no further! How about a piece of jewelry that literally glows!


Available in either stainless steel (silver tone) or antiqued brass. Arrives on matching chain with lobster style clasp, 28" long.  Arrives in a jewelry box, ready to give as a gift or keep safe for your next witchy event!


The pendants contain a small LED capsule light. It takes two coin cell batteries (included). When the batteries are in the unit, and the connection is made, they light goes on. These are a steady light, they do not flash on and off. We still have a handful of the purple ones that flash on and off. Once they are gone, all of them will be steady lights.


You get about 20 hours from a set of batteries, and the batteries are easily found at stores that sell batteries (although they tend to be cheaper on Amazon and other online retailers).


Note: The LED ball will now fit into the necklace! You just pull the little tab out from the bottom of the ball to turn the LED on. They come with an instruction sheet showing how to change the batteries.  The last image shows the LED unit lit. It looks way brighter in dimmer light. That was taken in full sun.


Comes with instruction card, boxed and ready to give as a gift, or store for your next event!

LED Glow Pendants in Your Choice of Color!

LED Color
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