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We are thrilled to be bringing a new and completely unique item to you in jewelry for this fall: pendants that capture actual spider's webs! Each pendant is a completely unique work of art. The artist goes out into the woods and gardens and collects spider webs after the owners have moved on each day. She captures the webs and secures them for eternity in a clear, sturdy resin.


These are stunning pendants. I bought one for myself on a recent trip to Salem, Massachusetts and knew I had to get some for the web site. I ende dup getting a second one for myself!


The pendants are about 1" across, in a plain silver bezel setting. Each is on a chain, approximately 18" long. Material is stainless steel. The intricate designs of each spider web make the statement, and boy do they start conversations!


Because these are each completely unique, we have posted them here with numbers. Yu can look at each, and pick the number you prefer. The numbering is arbitrary, it was just a way to indicate which one is which. 😊


Please pick the pendant you prefer at check out.


These are a limited edition. It is October now, and spider webs wlil be hard to come by until spring!

Genuine Spider Web Pendants

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