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Three Kings Charcoal, Indoor Charcoal, Incense Charcoal, Match Light Charcoal, Charcoal for Incense, Resin Charcoal

Incense is used in ritual to represent the element of Air. While many types of incense come in cone or stick form, some comes in powder or resin. It is for these types that we carry the match-lite charcoal.


Three Kings is a brand that has achieved a large following and great loyalty from many. I have decided to add this brand, in with our other charcoal.


These rolls of match-lite charcoal are designed for home use, indoors or out. They can be easily lit, then placed into a burner, such as a mini cauldron, or even one of the small metal burners. Often times sand is added to the container first, to help as a heat sync. Charcoal like this gets extremely Hot. Always use a protective tile or covering to keep your furniture protected from burn marks.


Note: This charcoal is specially formulated for indoor use. This is NOT the same as cooking charcoal used in a grill. You do not use accelerant with this charcoal! And, outdoor cooking charcoal is toxic when burned indoors.


This charcoal is not suitable for unsupervised use by children. Adults should hold the charcoal with tongs while lighting, as the charcoal ignites and burns energetically at first. These tablets contain an accelerant in them, that makes them light quickly and burn completely.


Suitable for use with powdered or granulated incense, resins or herbs.


Check out this listing for a tongs and scoop to use with match-lite charcoals too.  


We also have a triple moon tongs that is larger for the same purpose.


We also carry incense burning sand, used as an additional heat sink when burning charcoal.

Three Kings Indoor Charcoal

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