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This ink is very special!


Mars craft charcoal under the full moon from:

  Apple wood


  Oak wood

  Willow wood

  and the woody stalks of Wormwood 


To make charcoal, you build a fire, then put all the different woods into a tin, seal it tightly, make small air holes, then wait. Over time, as the heat inside the tin increases, it turns the wood into hard charcoal instead of ash. You can then write or draw sigils with it. We chose to grind into charcoal powder to use to make black salt and this ink. 


The ink has been combined, filtered and tested with a quill pen and it works like a dream!


Designed for writing out sigils or magickal intents for spell work. This is is very protective, and the energy of the plant spirits is wonderful.


You will receive one fluid ounce of black, ritual ink.

Ritual Ink made from 5 Sacred Woods

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