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Arachne's Web is now carrying a line of fragrance oils for use in crafting. These are useful for witch bottles and incense, and make good additions to soap and similar craft projects.


There are fragrances available in this line that are not available as essential oils. This one is one of those.


Class: Fragrance Oil



Heliotrope is another very heavy, sweet, and heavy scented floral that is familiar to many live in Southern areas of the U.S.. 



This oil is appropriate for use as a note for incense and home-made perfumes, soaps, bath and body care such as shower scrubs. It is also useful as an ingredient in witchcraft if you do not have access to the actual flower. I do not recomment this for use in any medicinal way, and would not atomize it for medical purposes.



Latin:     Heliotropium arborescens, H. peruviana
Gender:   Masculine
Planetary:   Sun
Zodiac:    Leo, Pisces
Celebrations:   Litha
Elements:    Fire
Goddesses:   Amaterasu, Hathor, Phoebe
Gods:     Apollo, Helios, Mithras, Ra

Also known as:   Cherry Pie, Turnsole

Magical Properties:

Authority, awareness, banishing, calm, courage, danger, dedication, dream work, (solar) energy, fidelity, happiness, healing, influence, love, opens and dreams, money, prosperity, psychic ability, release, spirituality, wealth and willpower.


Magically, heliotrope is excellent for use in money oils and incenses. It is also used in some Sabbat preparations.


Medicinal Properties:

This is fragrance oil, so it does not have medicinal uses.The actual plant is poisonous, so never use it for anything you apply to your skin or ingest. This is a safer alternative.



This is fragrance oil, so it has no contraindications. It is not used medicinally.

The actual plant heliotrope is poisonous and should not be used internally or topically.


You will receive: A 1 ounce bottle of Honeysuckle fragrance oil.

Heliotrope Fragrance Oil

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