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Cascarilla Powder, Witch's Powdered Egg Shell, Cascarilla Powder for Protection, Witch's Cascarilla Egg Shell Powder


Also called Peace Powder and sometimes Cascara Powder, Cascarilla powder is made from powdered egg shells. This is used in a variety of magick and ritual work, primarily in Hoodoo.


Generally it is used to represent life and birth and is often used in protection magic. This is a great ingredient to use in a variety of Witches Bowls or Bottles for protection.


Not intended for internal use, this is not a food product.


Ways to Use Cascarilla:


  • Use a pinch of Cascarilla powder in your next protection charm bag or bottle.
  • Add Cascarilla to a ritual for new beginnings.
  • Add Cascarilla in any spell work for renewal.


This listing is for one package of Cascarilla powder in compressed form. The powder is compressed in a small, white paper cup, and the paper can be removed to use it like a lump of chalk if desired.

You can use it to "write" a chalk outline or circle.


Cascarilla is easily crushed into powder, which can be sprinkled, added to things as an ingredient such as spell jars, or used to cast a circle.



Note: The above information is included for entertainment purposes only.

Cascarilla Powder, Egg Shell Powder

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