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Black Glass Witch's Chalice, Black and Silver Pentacle Chalice, Witch's Altar Chalice


The Chalice is one of the iconic tools of the Witch's altar. It symbolizes the element of water.

This wonderful new Chalice in pure black has an etched and enamelled pentacle design from my husband, Marcel R. Dion! The pentacle is etched, then enamelled in silver! 


Black glass is very hard to find. We managed to get a few of these at estate sales. Modern black glass cannot be etched because the black is a coating. The etching process makes the coating peel off. These are truly black glass. When you hold them to the light, there is a drak purple look to the color. Really nice glass.


The pentacle design is one of my favorites, done in metallic silver. The glasses are brought to our studio and hand etched with this lovely design, then a second process adds enamel to the etched design, then it is baked onto the glass for a long lasting, showy finish!  


Note: Please hand wash your new chalice. Dishwashers will potentially add unwanted etching to the glass and may wear the enamel over time. 


This listing is for 1 black stemmed wine glass, etched and enamelled with the silver pentacle as shown. The bottom of each bears the maker's mark from Mars.

Note: The information above is for entertainment purposes only.

Black and Silver Etched Chalice

SKU: chaliceblack
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