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What is a Ritual Kit, and How is it Used

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

What is a Ritual Kit A ritual kit is an organza bag with several items in it. It will always contain at least one candle, candle holder, anointing oil and instructions for use. It may also contain some or all of these other items: stones or crystals, herbs, incense, charcoal, salt, mirrors...whatever is needed for the ritual.Our Ritual Kits are designed around the principles of candle magic, and always include a candle magic spell. Arachne's Web Ritual Kits Our goals in making ritual kits are to:

  1. Offer a complete ritual setup for those new to the craft, with detailed instruction. This is a nice way for someone who is curious to do their first ritual without the need for purchasing multiple separate items.

  2. Offer a nice, complete spell setup for use as a gift to a friend or family member. Ritual kits are a lovely way to welcome a new baby, bless a new home, celebrate a new job or a marriage...

  3. Offer a nice portable ritual setup for those who want to perform a ritual, but do not have access to their complete altar.

For 2019 Arachne's Web offers 4 Ritual Kits on our site:

  1. Abundance & Wealth

  2. Love & Attraction

  3. Protection

  4. Moon Magic

Using an Arachne's Web Ritual Kit The kits are designed to self-contained. They come with a candle and candle holder, anointing oil, the written spell and with any other specialty items you might need. They may call for one or two small household items, so if you plan to take the kit to a remote location, it would be a good idea to read through the ritual first. For example, you may want to pack a safety pin or other small, sharp object to carve the candle. The instructions for the spell are inside the ritual kit. Typically, the instruction sheet is rolled around the candle. When to perform your ritual:

  • The new moon is a great for new beginnings and starting new things.

  • The full moon is good for an extra boost in expanding - think things you want to grow or attract, like bringing IN more money, or attracting love.

  • The waning moon is good for rituals about releasing things that no longer serve you. I often do a simple candle spell on the waning moon to release tension and stress.

If you are unfamiliar with the moon signs and how they impact magic, check out the blog post on Moon Signs.

Where to perform your ritual:

  • Always ensure it is safe to burn a candle or incense before lighting them! Hotels frown on this!

  • If you will be performing your ritual outdoors, try to find a safe, but somewhat secluded space. Strangers walking through your ritual will disrupt your concentration and the scene may make some people nervous.

  • The location of your ritual may offer special power of its own. The ocean brings intense water energy (think emotions), while the forest brings the strength of old growth trees and the forest floor (think grounding and wealth).

  • If you can, find a place quiet enough so you can hear yourself think. Avoid noise, bustle and spaces with loads of people in close proximity, as much as you can, to let you center and feel the energy you are calling.

Deity While we do not work with a specific deity at Arachne's Web, we are aware that many people do, and find it an intensely meaningful and powerful aspect of their practice. You can easily add elements for deity to any ritual kit by adding an herbs or stone sacred to your deity of choice. Future Ritual Kits in the Planning We have plans and are working on the release of several more in 2020, including:

  • Blessing a new baby

  • Marriage blessing

  • New home blessing

  • Sabbat celebrations

If there are other types of Ritual kits you'd like to see offered here, please reach out and tell me! We love to hear from you! Bright Blessings! Alison

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