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How does Arachne's Web make Ritual Oils?

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

How is Arachne's Web Ritual Oil made?

The process for making ritual oils is varied, but this is how Arachne's Web makes our oils:

  1. I start with organic, fractionated coconut oil. The reason is because this is a clean, unscented, all natural base. Our main concern is to avoid potential allergens, and use a base that is well tolerated by the majority of people.

  2. I add organic, pure essential oil based on the purpose of the anointing oil. I add the oil in a concentration of about half the maximum recommended for use of essential oils. This amount of essential oil is adequate to make a lovely smelling oil,, rich with magical properties, but is not so heavily scented that it is likely to cause headaches and other symptoms associated with heavily scented products. Those with allergies and asthma are often able to use products that are lightly scented with only pure essential oils. The reason I use organic essential oils as opposed to the less expensive synthetic fragrance or essential oils extracted with chemicals - is because the pure, organic oils are cleaner, healthier and less likely to create symptoms for those with allergies and sensitivity to chemicals.

  3. Lastly, I add a small amount of organic herbs, flowers and/or stone or crystal pieces for the properties they impart to a specific ritual oil. These last items are added in small quantity, and are not likely to cause reaction as they are not typically discernible in the scent.

Why use organic ingredients?

I use organic ingredients to make our ritual anointing oils in order to increase the chances that folks with allergies and asthma, or those with a tendency to migraines will be able to tolerate the scent. Chemical fragrance is toxic and has been linked to a variety of health concerns. Those with breathing issues and headaches tend to be the first to notice (and suffer from) chemical smells.

While organic ingredients are a little most costly, I believe they are worth it! The clean, gentle scents of our oils are enjoyable and properly designed for their magical purpose - but they are also gentle on the practitioners! I have asthma myself, and get headaches from synthetic smells, and I am able to comfortably use these oils and enjoy them in my own practice.

What process is used to create the oils?

To make our oils, I start on the full moon...

  1. I create a large vessel for the specific oil.

  2. I add any stones or crystals specific to the magical working of the oil, such as adventurine for abundance.

  3. I add herbs and flowers as appropriate for the magic being worked, such as Roses for Love.

  4. I add the essential oils indicated for the magical work being done, such as Myrrh and Frankincense in the Sabbat oil.

  5. I meditate on the purpose of the oils, and cast a circle with them on my altar.

  6. I Reiki charge the oils (I'll write an article on Reiki soon!)

Once my candles have burned down...

  1. I release my circle. The oils stay on the altar through one entire cycle of the moon. They stay as the moon wanes, and are untouched in sacred space.

  2. As the moon begins to wax again, I visit the space each day and reinforce the Reiki charge and charge the intent of the oil again.

  3. This goes on for 2 weeks, until the moon is once again full.

  4. Then the oil is decanted and bottled, and ready for you!

Once the oils are bottled, they are stored in a cool, dark location until they are shipped to my customers. The bottled are dark, cobalt blue or amber glass generally. This is designed to protect the life of the essential oils within.

The Ritual Oils made for Arachne's Web are made with the intent of bringing magic into your life. My greatest hope is that those who suffer from breathing troubles and headaches will be able to enjoy these lightly scented oils and enjoy the clean, pure scent without fear of symptoms such as sneezing, wheezing and headache. And I hope that those who are generally not bothered by those symptoms will also enjoy this cleaner, healthier alternative to synthetic scents as well!

Blessed be!



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