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What is Moon Water, and Making it During the Full Moon

Updated: Jul 22, 2021


What is moon water? How is it made? How to use it? Read on!

Several bottles of water charging under the full moon
Water Charging under the Full Moon

What is Moon Water

Moon water is arguably one of the most Witchy and easiest things you can make! Moon water is water you charge under the light of the full moon. I put clear, clean glass bottle sunder the moon, filled with clean water. I put a handful of moonstones into mine, but that is absolutely not necessary.

What do you use Moon Water for?

Almost anything! You can drink it, for a burst of wonderful Witchy energy, add it to spells and sprays and cosmetics, anything you can use water for, can have moon water substituted to make it witchier!

Making Moon Water

Making moon water is literally as simple as putting water in a bottle or jar, and placing it out under the full moon. A couple of notes though:

  1. Bring it inside before the sun rises!

  2. If you want to drink your moon water, make sure that both the water you use and the container are safe for drinking water.

Here are some pictures of the last batch of moon water I made out under the full moon:

Adding moonstones to the bottle before placing it outside.

The bottles ready to go outside.

The bottles out under the full moon!

Using Moon Water

One my very favorite uses for my moon water is as the base for my sacred sprays. I use moon water as the base for my Liquid Smudge, and other sprays. I love the energy it imparts! I make moon water almost every month.

The images above show the jars and bottles I have dedicated to the purpose. Each of them now has a little "necklace" made from chain with a crescent moon charm. Making your own moon water is something that is almost effortless.

Use it to cleanse your ritual tools, to clear stones and crystals (that are OK in water), you can even use moon water to rinse your hair after ritual bathing. The uses are almost limitless!


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