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Charging Stones and Crystals in the Sun or Moon

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Charging and clearing crystals under the sun
Geodes, stones and crystals in the summer sun

If you're into Witchcraft, there is a pretty good chance you are attracted to, and may own, a wide array of gems, stone and crystals. After all, there are few things as magical as these little miracles that come straight from the hands of the Goddess!

You've likely heard that stones and crystals have energy, and you have been working to learn to recognize the feel and energy of given types of stones. I have crystals and stones all over my house, and usually a fair number in the form of jewelry on my person, and often a bunch in my pockets too!

Why do people charge Stones?

OK, so stones are magical and wondrous and have tremendous why do people "charge" them? There are a couple of reasons.

  1. Stones and crystals pick up the energies of the places where they live. If a crystal is sitting in a room where people argue over and over, that crystal may, over time, pick up a good amount of that negative energy. And, push it back out! Crystals are great little generators, but to be effective and optimized, they need to have their energies kept clear.

  2. Crystals can get sort of depleted over time. In my experience, they are almost like a rechargeable battery in that they get kind of run down. The good news is, just like that battery, if you recharge the crystal, the next thing you know it's humming with energy again!

So, how do you charge stones?

The great news is, it's super easy! As long as we have a sun and moon in the sky, rain and thunder storms and various other ways, it's easy to keep crystals and stones clear and energized. Here are some simple ways to clear and re-energize your stones and crystals:

  • Place them out in full sun for a day or two. (Be careful with stones like Fluorite that can fade in full sun.)

  • Place them out under the full moon.

  • Place them outside during a thunder storm, or even a regular rain storm. (Make sure the stone is OK in water. Some stones like Selenite will dissolve in water over time! others like Hematite will actually rust if they stay in water too long.)

  • Bury them in the ground for a little time, then retrieve them (careful you remember where they are!)

  • Bury them in a bowl of salt - salt is a wonder at absorbing negativity! (Be sure your stone's finish won't be damaged by the corrosive qualities of the salt. For example an opal is a poor candidate for this method.)

After a day/night or two, your stones and crystals should be clear and ready to go!

How often should you charge/clear stones?

I try to charge my stones whenever it occurs to me. If I am dusting a room, and look at a stone and thing 'gee, I can't remember the last time I cleared that stone', that's is an indicator that it's time. I also make the most of special full moons and Sabbats or put my stones and larger crystals outside so they can soak up the energy of those lovely full moons. I love the way my house feels when all these stones and crystals come in energized and clear!

This is one of the easiest and totally free things you can do to clear and light the energy of your space. We even wash off the larger geodes and things while we have them outside. Those can be tough to clean, so this is also when they get their 'bath day' too!

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