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Woodruff for Magick, Sweet Woodruff, Witch's Master of the Woods, Sweet Woodruff for Magick, Woodruff for Spells


Latin:          Galium odoratum
Planet(s):   Mars     
Zodiac:      Cancer, Gemini      
Gender:     Masculine     
Elements: Fire   
Also known as: Sweet Woodruff, Wild Baby's Breath, Master of the Woods, Wuderove, Muge-de-boys


Magical Properties:


Humility, protection, love, fertility, victory, money, and male sexuality.  In Hoodoo and Root Magic, sweet Woodruff is a “comanding and ruling herb”. Combine with gravel root to get your dream job. Traditionally added to pouches for protection and courage in battle. Dedicated to Freya in Germanic cultures.


This listing is for a 1 oz bag of dried Sweet Woodruff, with an information card of correspondences.


Note: This information is for entertainment use only.

Woodruff Herb for Witchcraft

SKU: HerbWoodruff
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