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Pentacle Incense Burner, Wooden Cone Burner, Wooden Stick Burner, Witches Incense Burner, Pagan Incense Burner, Wiccan Incense Burner

This is a lovely burner, with a carved pentagram design. Pretty design work around the arms of the central star, and a brass cup for the burning cone incense. The decorative pattern includes drilled holes scattered across the piece to hold stick incense also.  A versatile and lovely altar piece!


This is a really nice carving - I see many similar pieces, but this one stands out as being of higher quality carving. The little brass accents also make it look nicer. We tested it with burning some cones and it worked just fine. The little brass well held the cone well, and nothing burned the wood.


Also tested it with stick incense and that worked as well.  Some longer sticks may drop ash onto your table though, be aware of how much the stick arcs over the base. You can try cutting the wooden portion of stick incense down a bit to keep it straighter in your burners.

This listing is for one wooden pentagram burner.  Incense sold separately.

Wooden Pentacle Incense Burner for Cone or Stick

SKU: pentaclewoodburner
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