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Incense Storage Box and Burner, Wooden Stick Incense Box, incense Box and Burder, Carved Wood Incense Burner

This wonderful storage box and burner servers multiple uses - looking fabulous the whole time! 

Carved wooden box holds incense in the base, accessible using a small, secret panel. The top compartment holds two cone burners, inset in brass, and also a depression for catching ash from stick incense. A small hole at one end allows you to insert incense sticks and let them burn, self contained into the box.  No mess, and such a pretty design!


Lovely carved wooden box looks attractive on your coffee table or shelves, and keeps the mess of ashes and incense tidy and hidden.


Wonderfully constructed of solid wood with brass accents.


Box is 12" long, 2.25" deep and 2.5" tall.


Box Made in India.

Wooden Incense Storage and Burner

SKU: coffinincensebox
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