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Carved Wooden Box of Amber, Amber Resin in Wooden Scent Box, Wood and Brass Box with Amber, Aromatic Amber Box

This is a seriously wonderful way to scent a bureau drawer, or to keep a lovely scent near your chair or bed! Pretty little dark wooden box, with loads of small holes and nice brass ends holds a wonderfully fragrant secret - Amber resin! This pretty little box holds about 5 grams, but ships to you with a little bag holding 10 grams of Amber.

You can burn Amber resin on charcoal, but you can also enjoy its lovely scent sitting on your table or in a drawer. The box keeps the resin from staining furniture or clothing, but lets the delicious scent pour forth!


Wooden Box is:


   2.5 inches in length
   1.5 inches in width
   .75 inche sin height


You'll receive 1 wooden box with brass ends as shown, and 10g of high quality Amber resin to be enjoyed in the box, or to burn on charcoal.


If you would like to order extra Amber resin, please use that option at check out.

Wooden Box with Amber Resin

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