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Have you ever heard of a witch's mirror? Well, it's a pretty cool concept! And it's great for protection magick and return to sender spells.


Mirrors have a load of power potential, and they are fairly easy to enchant. If you'd like to watch a great video about it, check out this one...  Mickie Mueller What is Mirror Magick


Mickie literally wrote the book on Mirror Magick (The Witch's Mirror on Amazon), and when I read it, I started exploring mirror magick. And I created a Hexenspiegel wash that I offer here!


These are cute little antique looking mirrors, in silver toned finish. They are real mirror, and you can use Hexenspiegel wash on them! 


Earrings are available in silver-tone or antiqued brass finish. In a short length or with a little chain extension, and available with or without a 2 oz bottle of Hexenspiegel wash!

Witch's Mirror Earrings for Protection Magick

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