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The Weird Sisters refers to a specific group of plants that are highly toxic: Belladonna, Henbane, Mandrake and Datura. All of these have a long and often creepy history, and together they are the subject of many books and pieces of art.


Mandrake has possibly more folklore about it than almost any other witchy herb. There are stories about witches using a black dog to pull the root up in order to avoid hearing the scream of the plant, which they said could kill you on the spot, or in some stories just caused madness. Mandrake roots (whole) were cleaned and kept on the person or in the home to protect against evil and hexes. Mandrake root under the bed was thought to increase fertility. These are just a few.


Today, we know that Mandrake is a powerful poison that can make people very sick, and in fact can kill if enough is taken. 


These earrings are sublimation printed in our studio, from vintage (19th century) botanical drawings. We format the art work, and I added a small, light skull and crossbones to add a little Gothic flare.


The second image shows the earrings with a U.S. quarter for scale.


French style ear wires in surgical steel.


Arrives in a jewelry box, ready to keep them safe and protected, or ready to wrap as a gift!

Weird Sisters: Mandrake Flower Earrings

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