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Yule Backflow Gift Set, Witchy Yule Gift, Yule Celebration Gift Set, Yule Incense, Arachne's Web Yule Incense Set, Witchy Gift


This is a wonderful gift set for your favorite Witch! Also great for any incense lover!


In a pretty red gift box, you will find:


  • 1 Cast Iron Backflow Incense burner, in a triple moon style
  • 2 Boxes of Backflow Incense (you choose which kinds at checkout)  
  • 1 Incense Tongs to use with lit cones in case you need to move them while lit (tongs shown in image #3, does not include cauldron)


This backflow burner is SO cool. It works with special incense that is drilled in the center to cause the wonderful waterfall effect shown in the pitures. I could sit and watch the smoke silnetly swirling down for hours.


The box is cushioned with deep, forrest green tissue, and each items is wrapped in the tissue with little stickers of holly and mistletoe to seal each package.


What could be a better gift for a Witchy hostess during the holiday season!


This is a lovely burner. The cast iron has durable, gloss black enamel - it will truly last a lifetime.  And with the wonderful burner - you choose 2 boxes of incense designed to produce the backflow effect.


Choose from:


  • HEM Jasmine - The classic, ultimately feminine scent of Jasmine. This is a lovely, true Jasmine scent.
  • HEM Lavender - Arguably one of the world's most popular scents, Lavender is used for relaxation and calm. This is a wonderful clean and simple lavender.
  • HEM Musk - This is vegetarian sourced, no animal products used. This is a wonderful, rich musk. Classic, sexy scent.
  • Satya Nag Champa - The classic scent of Indian temples and homes. Nag Champa actually refers to a recipe that is used widely across India. The name Nag Champa is from the champa flower, which comes from the Ailanthus Malabarica tree. A semi liquid resin from the tree combined with sandalwood give Nag Champa it's distinctive scent.
  • HEM Opium - Spicy, heavy scent. This is a classic verison of Opium scent.
  • Satya Super Hit - Another classic Indian scent, Super Hit is immediately recognizable from the scents in import shops and witchy shops. Super Hit is made from a mixture of herbs, floral extracts and oils and is unforgetable.
  • BAC White Sage - classic scent of California White Sage.

This will make an fantastic item under your special witch's Yule tree, a great Yankee Swap item or just a sweet holiday gift for yourself!

Triple Moon Backflow Burder Set

SKU: 3MoonBackflowSet
$19.95 Regular Price
$13.97Sale Price
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