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3 Black Tourmalines Raw, 3 Black Tourmaline Stones, 3 Raw Rough Black Tourmalicne Crystals


Black tourmaline is a solid black. These are rough, not tumbled. Black Tourmaline is very often used in protection magick.  It is somewhat brittle, but suitable for use in bags, bottles and bowls.


Safe for use in water or oil: No




Birthstone:                              None
Zodiac:                  Capricorn, Libra, Pisces, Sagittarius
Planets:                                    Saturn, Sun
Elements:                                Earth, Water
Numbers:                         3, 4
Chakra:                                   Root, Sacral


Magickal Properties:


Aura Balancing, Electromagnetic Frequencies/Smog/Pollution, Extra terrestrials and Alien Communication, Humility, Psychic Protection, Reducing Negative Energy, Shielding, Spiritual Protection.


To clear stones and crystals of energies and charge it with your intention:

  • Use sea salt - burying the stone in the salt over night
  • Put the stones into direct, full sunlight for a day or two
  • Use sage, Palo Santo or other ritual clearing smoke to clear the crystal
  • Use Reiki energy to clear and re-energize your crystal


This listing is for 3 Rough Black Tourmaline stones as shown. Sizes may vary, image 2 shows scale with a U.S. coin.



Note: The information above is for entertainment purposes only.

Tourmaline, Black 3 Rough

SKU: StoneBlackTourmalineRough
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