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Fae Perfume, Witchy Fae Essential Oil, Original Fragrance, Essential Oil Perfume, Magickal Scent, Witchy perfume


"Fae" is an original recipe for soft, clean scent that is now available as a personal perfume. This is essential oil perfume, made by adding essential oils to a carrier oil, so it is skin safe.


Made with organic fractionated coconut oil, and pure essential oils, this handy roll-on is perfect for carrying in your purse.  Generous 10 ml size will last you for a long time, even if you wear it frequently.


A yummy blend of herbs, flowers and a powdery finish of Oak Moss, that makes this scent fall into the category of a "Cyphre".


This scent uses herbal scents like Basil for a woodsy note, Lavender for a lighter, feminine character, and a strong Oak Moss finish for that powdery end note. The addition of multiple herbs and flowers keep the scent complex.


Please always test any new perfume on a small area until you are sure you have no allergy to the ingredients before applying too liberally.


You will receive a 10 ml roll-on bottle of "Fae" essential oil perfume, made by Arachne's Web.  The glass bottle has a metal roller ball, so it should last well past the point when the perfume is gone.


Note: The above information is provided for entertainment purposes only.

The Fae Essential Oil Perfume

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