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Terra Cotta Greenman Plaque, Witchy Decor, Garden Decor, Ceramic Greenman Plaque, Green Man Wall Decor, Witch's Nature Plaque


I love these wonderful terra cotta plaques for a covered porch the best I think. During summer, I used to fill my little porch with witchy chimes, glass hangings and little wall items that made it feel homey. We are working on building a new covered screen space at this house so I can have that same kind of space.


I have this plaque hanging in my TV room against a tan wall and it looks wonderful. I have one like it - with 3 cats wishing on a star in my gold dining room, and a Celtic Tree of Life in my kitchen - where the green wall makes it stand out nicely. These are a wonderful, rustic way to get a touch of magick into any room.


Please note: these are all the exact same color. Different lights make the metallic sheen look different in some of the pictures, but they are all a soft gold tone rubbed over the fired ceramic. They are rough surface, not smooth. A bit rustic, but I love them.


Each plaque is about 7.8" in diameter. A little under half an inch thick. They come with a twine hanger looped through the hole at the top.


Arrives boxed and wrapped, ready to hang in your home, or present as a gift.


You will receive 1 Green Man wall plaque made from fired terra cotta.

Terra Cotta Greenman Wall Plaque

SKU: greenmanwallplaque
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