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Arachne's Web is now carrying a line of fragrance oils for use in crafting. These are useful for witch bottles and incense, and make good additions to soap and similar craft projects.


There are fragrances available in this line that are not available as essential oils. This one is one of those.


Class: Fragrance Oil


Tea Rose is a lovely version of the classic rose scent, without the prohibitive cost of true rose essential oil. True essential oil from roses is generally hundreds of dollars for 1/4 ounce! And, it is generally solvent extracted due to the comparatively small amount of oil available in the flowers.


This fragrance oil is a wonderful true rose scent. It works beautifully in incense and room sprays.



This oil is appropriate for use as a note for incense and home-made perfumes, soaps, bath and body care such as shower scrubs. I do not recomment this for use in any medicinal way, and would not atomize it for medical purposes.



Latin:     Rosa gallica
Gender:     Feminine
Planetary:    Venus
Zodiac:     Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius, Taurus
Celebrations:    Ostara, Rosalia
Elements:     Water
Chakras:     Crown, Heart
Goddesses:      Aphrodite, Freya, Holle, Venus
Gods:      Adonis, Cupid, Eros


Also known as: Damask Rose, Dog Rose, Sweet Briar and Witch's Briar


Magical Properties:

Affection, the afterlife, attraction, banishing, beginnings, blessing, calm, clairvoyance, compassion, confidence, consecration, creativity, devotion, fertility, fidelity, harmony, healing, inspiration, love, luck, nurturing, patience, peace, (emotional) protection, release, sensuality, sorrow, spirituality and wisdom.


Magically, rose is used in all kinds of sweet love magic, and in attraction magic as well.



This is not a medicinal product. This is fragrance oil, and as such is not approprate for medicinal application.



No known contraindications. Not to be taken internally.


You will receive: A 1 ounce bottle of Tea Rose fragrance oil.

Tea Rose Fragrance Oil

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