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Witchy Resin Burner Set, Burn Resin with No Charcoal, Tea Light Resin Burner with Resins, Witchcraft Incense Set


This little burner is a wonderful alternative for anyone who loves the scent of pure resin but doesn't want the smoke and black mess from charcoal.


If you love the scent of resin, you know there are limited ways to burn it. Usually, you need a cast iron or similar burner, and indoor charcoal. You light the charcoal and put the resin on the little charcoal piece. It works well, but it can product a lot of smoke. AND... the charcoal does have a smell of its own too.


This is a lovely alternative for those who love resin scent, and just want the clean, pure smell without the charcoal.


Solid brass burner has a removable screen. You place the screen into the well, light a tea light under it, then place the resin onto the screen. You won't need much! The first time I used this, I put several pieces onto the screen and my whole house smelled! I was even surprised it worked as well as it does.


The little well has a screw you can use to raise or lower the well to adjust how close it it to the candle flame. You may find specific resins do better closer or further away. You want a nice, steady burn, with a trickle of smoke. not to fry the resin to fast as that may smell like burning more than like the fragrant resin.


Please never leave any burning items unattended and keep away from children and pets!

Note: The above statements are for entertainment purposes only.

Tea Lite Resin Burner, No Charcoal!

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