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Arachne's Web is now carrying two different types of essential oils. Class A is organic (if available), steam expressed and suitable for aromatherapeutic and medicinal purposes. Class B is suitable for crafting, incense making, and use in witchcraft.


Class: Essential Oil, Grade B



Sweet Orange is a wonderfully uplifting scent. Used in perfuming, to scent rooms and in bath products...sweet orange is the aromatherapy world's anti-depressant. Use it to mist around the house in mid-winter to help lift those winter blues.



Sweet orange is a lovely top note to add to incense or perfumes, or to other crafts, to make a scent bright, and uplifting. This is grade B essential oil, so it is recommended for crafting incense, spell work, and some types of bath and body care.



Latin:     Orange fructum
Gender:    Masculine 
Planetary:    Sun
Elements:     Fire
Goddesses:    Gaia
Gods:      Bacchus, 


Also known as:   Lucky Apples 

Magical Properties:

Attraction, Balance (emotional), Creativity, EMotions(expression of), Freedom, Happiness, Harmony, Intuition, Joy, Love, Luck, Passion, Positivity, Prosperity, Purity, Sexuality, Spirituality, Success, Unity and Wealth (status).


Medicinal Properties:

Oranges were used historically to prevent scurvy, a disease from chronic lack of vitamin C. Sailors on ships were sometimes given rations of citrus fruit to help prevent the disease. Vitamin C is still one of the best medicinal properties in whole oranges.



This is grade B essential oil, so it is not recommended for medicinal use.


You will receive:  A 1 ounce amber glass bottle of essential sweet orange oil, grade B.


Note: There will be a grade A sweet orange listing coming soon. This listing is for grade B crafting oil. The grade A listing will be linked here once available.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Grade B

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