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Pentacle Chalice, Witch's Pentagram Chalice, Clear Chalice with Black Etched Pentacle Design, Witchy Altar Chalice


The Chalice is one of the iconic tools of the Witch's altar. It symbolizes the element of water.

This lovely Chalice is a small, vintage cordial glass that Mars found in an estate sale. He bought a set of 5 (all they had) and etched, then enameled this design in black on each one.


Glass is 5" tall, and 2.5" in diameter. 


We have fallen in love with finding glassware at estate sales and using it in making altar tools. We bring them home, clear them of any residual energy, then hand etch each one. The final step is enamelling the etch. Each one is hand inked, then baked to ensure a long lasting, permanent finish.


Note: While technically dishwasher safe, we don't recommend putting any stem ware in the dishware as the enamel will come off over time from hard water and harsh soaps.

Small Etched and Enameled Pentacle Chalice

SKU: smetchpentacle
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