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Brass Mortar and Pestle, Witch's Herb Grinder, Incense Herb Grinder, Kitchen Witch Mortar and Pestle, Brass Mini Mortar and Pestle

Small Brass Mortar and Pestle, Brass Mortar for Herbs, Incense Mortar and Pestle, Witch's Mortar and Pestle


This is an adorable little mortar and pestle! Perfect for making a small amount of incense quickly for ritual. This is a SMALL mortar and pestle - not really suitable for kitchen witches and use making guacamole - this is for about a tablespoon of herbs max.


The solid brass construction is durable, and the brass mortar (bowl) rings like a bell when struck with the solid brass pestle (the rod with the blunt end for grinding).


Perfect for a traveling altar setup, or for witch's in the broom closet - or for anyone who likes to keep their sacred smoke materials and tools together and doesn't have space for a huge grinder.


Mortar is 2.75" tall, and just shy of 2.5" in diameter. Pestle is 3.5" is total length.


Listing is for 1 Mortar and Pestle in solid brass.

Small Brass Mortar and Pestle

SKU: brassmortarpestlemini
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