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Selenite Twin Tea Lite Spell, Candle Holder with Tea Lites, True Love Spell, Selenite Candle Spell, Love Spell, Candle Magick


We just poured some lovely, floral tea lights, with a pinch of crushed rose and jasmin, and just a touch of sparkle. They are a lovely shade of pink. The intention for these tea lites - to find "True Love", a soul mate, a person who is "perfect for you".


These pretty tea lites are being packaged with this lovely double selenite tea lite candle holder. Designed like a figure 8, this pretty holder accomodates 2 tea lites. The two flames burning together symbolize the intention of the spell!


Each package ships with one Selenite candle holder, and 4 of our limited edition "True Love" tea lites. A lovely gift for newly joined couples - they can light the candles and focus on strengthening their bond. A nice wedding or hand-fasting gift. Or a lovely addition to your witchy home!


I love the soft, pink glow when these are lit. They came out just as I imagined them!


You will receive 4 tea lites (this means you have a set of refills after you burn the tea lites) and 1 Selenite candle holder.


Note: The above information is provided for entertainment only.

Selenium Tea Lite Holders with Floral Pink Tea Lites

SKU: seleniumcandleset
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