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Important Note:  The miniature bowl in this kit is now the fairy bowl as shown in image 5.


This plain, quiet little tin hides a wonderful secret! Open it and reveal and perfect miniature altar!

We are making several styles of these, this one is done in light, turquoise blue. If you're a Sea Witch, you'll love the calming blues and ocean themed items! This box has rich, turquoise blue inside of the bottom and the lid.  You could easily add decorations to the inside or outside if you wanted to, but it is discreet if you want it to be "quiet".


Inside this tiny altar are:

  • 1 mini pendulum -  - choose the one you like best form the 4th image. Add the number to the Comments at check out.
  • 1 Match book of matches with a vintage mermaid image
  • 1 Candle holder, solid brass
  • 1 White Chime Candle (send a note if you'd prefer it to be another color - like turquoise?)
  • 1 Mini Incense Burner for Cone*
  • 1 Small Pentagram pewter piece
  • 1 Small Goddess pewter piece
  • 1 Mini pewter offering bowl
  • 1 Box of Cone Incense (you choose what kind at check out)
  • Note: The altar will fit a couple of cones, but not the whole box. This is a small altar!

  * 1 Turquoise Satin Pouch for spells in a mini Zip lock bag for anything you like
  * 1 Vial of Black or White Salts (you choose at check out)
  * Assorted natural sea shells
  * 1 Rainbow Moonstone (ties to the magic of the moon)
  * 1 Labradorite (protection, psychic energy)
  * 1 Amethyst Point (spirituality and opening the crown chakra)


Although the incense burner has an insert with holes, I have tried it with stick incense and it tips over. It "might" work with shorter stick, like some of the Japanese types, but it will not work with regular stick incense. But then, that wouldn't fit in the kit. It works a charm for cone!


In short, everything you need to do a ritual "on the road" or at the beach! And because the outside is completely plain, it is perfect for anyone in the broom closet! Tuck it in your purse and any casual observer will think it's a cough drop tin or some other small holder for bits and bobs...not a fully functional Witchy Altar!


As a special bonus, each of these comes with a safe travel sigil sticker! Use it on the outside of the altar, or keep it inside, or put it on your car - you could even put it inside your trunk or glove box, to keep it private.


Tin size is 4.5" long x 3.25" wide, by 1" tall. This is about the size of an Altoids tim, so it truly is completely portable. Everything pictured fits inside - only 2 cones of incense, not the whole box.

If there is a substitution you'd like made, please reach out. We are happy to personalize these.

Sea Witch Themed Travel Altar

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