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Satya Super Hit Cones, Satya Incense, Satya Super Hit Incense, Super Hit Backflow Incense for Magick, Indian Incense

Satya Super hits is one of the most popular incense varieties in the world, possibly second to another by the same company called Nag Champa. Super Hits is similar in character to that scent.


This incense comes directly from India. These boxes are packaged with their own tile incense burner in the box! I recommend putting their tile on another item like an ashtray or stone to protect surfaces from the heat as the cone burns. 


This is not the stick incense with the wooden center. This incense is in a stick form, but it is sold incense, and much thicker than a traditional stick. it produces significant smoke.


An affordable and easy option for incense lovers, long lasting, smooth burning Satya incense has been a staple for incense lovers for many years.


Box contains 10 sticks plus tile burner.

Satya Super Hit Stick Incense

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