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Satya Rose Cones, Satya Incense, Satya Rose Incense, Rose Incense for Magick, Indian Incense

The queen of flowers is behind this scent - the rose. Used as fragrance for thousands of years, the rose has been prized for it's rich floral bouquet for centuries. These dhoop rose cones are boxed with a small, ceramic heat sink, suitable for burning one cone. You can also put the little heat sink into another burner to keep it cleaner.


This classic incense comes directly from India. India has grown and used roses for scent for many centuries.


I recommend always putting incense burners on an ashtray or tile to protect surfaces from the heat as the cone burns.


An affordable and easy option for incense lovers, long lasting, smooth burning Satya incense has been a staple for incense lovers for many years.


Box contains 12 cones plus small tile burner.

Satya Rose Cone Incense

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