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Sandalwood Rope Incense, Tibetan Rope Incense, Hand-Rolled Rope Incense from Tibet, Sandalwood Rope from Tibet

Rope incense is popular in the temples of Tibet. The end of the rope is lit, and it smolders, the scent is released.


Rope incense is made by putting herbs and other plant materials on rice paper in very thin strips, then twisting the rice paper to form a 'rope'.


To burn rope incense, we recommend two different methods:


  1. Burn the rope incense lying flat on a bed of ash. This will allow the rope to burn safely, or
  2. Use a rope incense burner. 


We have tried the single use burners that come with Himalayan rope incense, but not had much success. We also sell this rope incense burner made by Mars. 


Includes 1 package of Sandalwood rope incense, 45 ropes.


Handmade in Tibet.

Sandalwood Tibetan Rope Incense

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