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Yule Offering Herbs, Yule Incense, Handcrafted Yule Offering, Herb and Essential Oil Incense


The first incense used by the ancients was made from herbs, flowers, resins and precious oils. And all good incense today is made the same way. 


This Yule offering incense was hand-crafted for Yule 2021.  It is nicely aged and smells wonderful!


This incense was crafted in sacred space, during the waxing moon.  It is designed to burn on indoor charcoal tablets, The link takes you to our version by Three Kings.


Incense Ingredients include:
Cedarwood, Blessed Thistle, Red Roses, Frankincense resin, Myrrh resin and essential oils of Apple, Cedar, Cinnamon, Orange, Clove and Black Pepper.


Put a pinch on charcoal. A little goes a long way!  This one brings in a lovely smell of spices with the deep base notes of Frankincense and Myrrh and Cedar. My whole house smells amazing as a result of making and testing it. 😊


This incense is wonderful for the Yule season, but is lovely throughout the Winter months for its deep, homey and spicy-woodsy scent.


You will receive a one ounce bag of hand-crafted herbal incense. You may wish to pick up indoor charcoal to burn it on. A pinch of incense on charcoal will go a long way!


Here is a You Tube video on lisghting and using it safely


Note: The images show th eincense in a zip lock bag. We are currently shipping our incense in an amber glass jar. The essential oils make plastic sticky when stored that way, so we shifted to glass.



Note: This information in for entertainment purposes only.

Sabbat Incense: Yule/Winter Solstice

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