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Yule Spray, Room Spray, Holiday Room Spray, Witchy Spray, Witches Clearing Spray


Each month, when the moon is full, I charge pure, distilled water under the moon. And this year, on Samhain, we had a full Blue Moon. A blue moon is considered extremely lucky and is said to enhance all workings requiring luck.


This is a delicious blend of Balsam, Cedar Wood, Citrus and Spices, with a subtle end note of deep Frankincense. The stones are clear quartz, ruby and garnet. Ruby and garnet are sacred to Yule. Clear quartz is used to magnify the energies of the other stones.


This spray is made using essential oils, distilled moon water and natural gemstones and crystals. Nothing else is added. Ships tightly capped, with the sprayer in the package. When you receive it, simply replce the cover with the sprayer.


This spray is not intended for use as personal perfume. It contains cinnamon and mistletoe essential oils, both of which are often skin irritants. This spray is for space clearing, room freshening and casting a delicious scent throughout your sacred space.Always test fabrics for staining before spraying directly on drapes and furniture as essential oils can stain.


Shake gently before each use to ensure the essential oils a thoroughly mixed.


Contains: Distilled water charged under the full moon, tumbled ruby stones, tumbled garnet, clear quartz, essential oils of Balsam Fir, Cedarwood, Mistletoe, Orange, Frankincense and Cinnamon.


Note: These statements are for entertainment purposes only.

Sabbat Clearing Spray: Yule/Winter Solstice

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