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Ostara Spray, Room Spray, Holiday Room Spray, Witchy Spray, Witches Clearing Spray


Each month, when the moon is full, I charge pure, distilled water under the moon. And the year we made this, on Samhain, we had a full Blue Moon. A blue moon is considered extremely lucky and is said to enhance all workings requiring luck.


This Ostara inspired room and linen spray is rich with honeysuckle, roses and soft lemon, followed by notes of dark earth in the base. A delicious blend of scents to evoke the uplifting sentiments of Spring and renewal! The stones are Rose Quartz and Moonstone, sacred to Ostara and filled with soft, loving energy. This spray is made using essential oils, distilled moon water and natural gemstones and crystals. Nothing else is added. The moon water is made under the full moon, charged in the moon light and then carefully kept out of sunlight. The energies of moon water are wonderful in sprays.


Please always test a small area to ensure you have no sensitivity to essential oils before spraying a lot on the skin. Although it is safe and dilute, it is still good to test. And always test fabrics for staining before spraying directly on drapes and furniture.


Shake well before each use to blend the essential oil with the water.Please note, we have started to use PET plastic bottles for our sprays due to the volume of breakage we had in the mail. The plastic bottles seem a bit more resilient to the shipping process.


Note: These statements are for entertainment purposes only.

Sabbat Clearing Spray: Ostara

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