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Rosehips are technically the "fruit" of a specific type of rose plant. After the flowe goes by, the "hip" forms, almost like a grape or cherry tomatoe, on the spot where the flower was. But they do not taste anything like a tomatoe! Rose Hips are tart, and have a distinctly fruity taste. Hard to describe, but one of my favorites in tea! And they are pretty high in Vitamin C when added to teas.  


This zip lock bag comes with 1 oz. of organic rose hips, suitable for cooking, spell work, bottles and jars and other Witchcraft.  




Latin:            Rosa coxis
Planet(s):    Venus, Moon    
Element:     Water
Zodiac:        Pisces  
Gender:       Feminine


Magickal Properties:  


Beauty, Love, Peace, Attraction, Anti-Stress, Purifying, Prosperity, Wealth, Health, Confidence, Truth, Youth, Cleansing, Kindness and Luck.


Important Note:  We are switching back to zip lock bags for shipping herbs and roots. The extremely high cost of shipping glass jars isn't practical for us or our customers. We hope you understand.

Note: This information is for entertainment use only.

Rosehips for Witchcraft and Magick

SKU: HerbRoseHips
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