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Ever wanted to make a spell bottle, but wasn't sure how to start? Well now you'll have everything you need to create a protection charm for your home or space!


This lovely little kit contains everything you need to create a protection spell! Instructions are included as well.


I love spell bottles. I find them to be both effective, and also the perfect little spell to focus energy and accomplish the desired outcome. They don't take long, and they look wonderfully witchy when they're done!


This kit comes with pre-measured ingredients, all ready for you to set your stamp on the spell! You can add any little bits you have, tiny stones, a few drops of a special oil, charms or additional herbs...but the kit makes a complete spell bottle just as it arrives.


Each kit comes with it's own sealing wax stick, with a wick. No special tools required - just light it and carefully drip it onto your bottle to seal the spell. If you have a wax seal you like, feel free to press it into the top when it's done. 


Kit contains:

  • Bottle with cork
  • Sealing Wax stick in black
  • Pentacle charm to finish the bottle in antiqued siver
  • Smokey Quartz chips for protection
  • Obsidian chips - for absorbing and transforming negative energy
  • Vervain - for banishing, hex breaking and protection
  • Wormwood - for uncrossing, protection and reversal magic
  • Sea Salt - protection and seals the spell into the bottle
  • Black Salt - for protection, banishing and purification 
  • 2 Cones of White Sage incense to clear all your materials before you start, and burn to speed the spell!


You will receive one Protection kit, as shown. The completed bottle is an example of what you can make with the kit.


Information provided for entertainment purposes only.


Note: If you do not feel safe at home, please call for help. Witchcraft helps those who help themselves. Please always rely on the police and emergency services if you have an emergency!

Protection Spell BottleKit

SKU: BottleKitProtect
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