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Orris Root Powder, Witchy Herbs, Orris Root for Magick, Orris for Spells, Witch's Orris Root, Orris for Incense


Orris is the root of the Iris plant.


Orris has been used for incense for many years. It has a lovely fragrance, slightly floral. Orris blends beautifully with woods for incense.




Latin:            Iris germanica var. florentina
Gender:       Feminine
Planet(s):     Venus, Moon


Magical Properties & Uses:

Love, Protection, Divination, Orris root is used to find and hold love. Powdered, it is sometimes refered to as Love Drawing Powder. Protectant against evil spirits; the roots and leaves were hung in Japan for personal protection.


Orris is good for digging deep into subconscious. The subconscious is ruled by the Moon too. Orris helps dig up what is hidden. Orris is often used in divination and dreamwork.


This listing is for 1 oz. by weight of Orris root, ground to powder, with a correspondences card.  This is lovely, fragrant Orris!

Note: This information is for entertainment use only.

Orris Root, Powdered for Incense and Magick

SKU: HerbOrrisRoot
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