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Witch's Wind Chime, Pentacle Wind Chime, Pentacle Bell Chime, Green Wind Chime, Brass Wind Chime, Pagan Wind Chime


This is such an adorable little wind chime.  I have one in my kitchen window, and a second one in my office!


Petite wind chime hangs a total of  11.5" in length from the top of the little hanging ring, to the bottom of the central, largest bell.  


It isn't a noisy chime, but I do hear the bells on occasion when the breeze blows through my office window.  The little bells tinkle gently - I just love it.


The brass Pentacle is about 2.75" in diameter, so this is small decoration - just perfect for a window.

Chime has a brass ring at the top to use hanging. Loop it over a window lock, or a small tack or nail on the frame of the window and you have instant witchy decor! And the little pop of cobalt blue makes a lovely accent.

Pentacle Brass Wind Chimes

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