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Ouiji Board Mug, Witchy Coffee Mug, Witch's Coffee Cup, Spooky Hot Drink Cup, Ouiji Cup, Ouiji Ceramic Cup

This is such a classic mug - 11 oz mug in black, with a Ouiji board design wrapped around it. There are additional designs around the "c" handle.


This is the perfect accessory for weekend mornings, sipping coffee or tw, or evenings by the fire with hot chocolate or an herbal brew!


Ships in a decorative box, perfect as a gift for your favorite witch - or for yourself!


The box is included to make this easier to wrap as a stocking stuffer for your favotire witchy friend of loved one!


Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Ouiji Board Mug, Witchy Coffee Mug

SKU: ouijimug
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