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Ostara Ritual Kit, Sabbat Ritual Kit, Witches Ostara Ritual, Magic Ostara Celebration, Witch's Spring Equinox Ritual


Ostara is the Spring Equinox, and is a time of celebrations for growth and renewal.  Now is the time for new beginnings and starting over. New optimism, new life, new planting and magick!


This little ritual kit is designed to give you the supplies for one or two Ostara celebrations. Ostara is to celebrate new beginnings for love and for healing your heart. It is also a time to welcome an abundance of good things.  


Perfect for anyone who doesn't keep a lot of supplies on hand. If you are in the "broom closet", this little kit is self-contained to give you all you need for your Sabbat celebration.


Each Kit Contains:

  • 3 Candles:
    • 1 Pink: Welcome new love, self-love, healing
    • 1 Green: welcome abundance, celebrate renewal and growth, open your heart
    • 1 White: Blessing, Devotion
  • 1 Pink Porcelain Candle Holder
  • 1 Rose Quartz Tumbled Stone for your altar (sacred to Ostara)
  • 1 Rainbow Moonstone Tumbled Stone for your altar (sacred to Ostara)
  • 1 Packet of Roses for your altar offering (sacred to Ostara)
  • 1 Rose Book of Shadows card with information about Rose
  • 2 Rose Incense Cones with a small, 2 use burner for your ritual and to cleanse your self and your stones and candles.
  • Instructions in the tab for basic ritual practices
  • A pink satin pouch (holding the incense) to use for self-love spells or to carry your stones


Note: This information is for entertainment use only.

Ostara/Spring Equinox Sabbat Ritual Kit

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