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Obsidian Palm Stones, Large Obsidian disks, Protective Obsidian, Obsidian Altar Stones, Obsidian Witch's Stones, Magickal Obsidian


Obsidian is actually volcanic glass!  THe energetic feel of obsidian is hard to describe.  Not as heavy as you'd expect, this stone is a little like Shungite. Like looking into a piece of black glass, because technically you are.  I love the profoundly protective qualities of Obsidian on my altar and around my home.


I got only a few of these large beauties in this most recent shopping excursion.  These are large, as shown in the images with the U.S quarter for scale.  Some pictures are better than others.  In some pictures they look almost dusty, but they aren't. These are not flashy like some other stones, but have quiet strength!




Planets:           Pluto, Saturn         
Gender:           Feminine       
Celebration:   Samhain
Zodiac:            Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio     
Element:          Fire      
Number:          1
Chakra:           Root     
Tarot:                Devil     
Goddesses:   Morrigan, Pele    
God:                 Lugh


Magickal Properties:


Associated with the afterlife, balance and agression, Obsidian is used for protection, grounding, sexual energy, death, enchantment, creativity, manifestation, angelic messages/omens, personal growth, luck, marriage, emotional protection, support, emotional transformation, clairvoyance and work on and with the afterlife. 


Carry Obsidian for particular help with grounding and protection. Add to Witches Spell Jars for protection, use in rituals or place on the altar when connecting with the spirit world.


Note: This information is for entertainment purposes only.

Obsidian Palm Stones

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