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Arachne's Web is now carrying two different types of essential oils. Class A is organic (if available), steam expressed and suitable for aromatherapeutic and medicinal purposes. Class B is suitable for crafting, incense making, and use in witchcraft.


Class: Essential Oil, Grade B



Neroli has a lovely rich, floral scent with citrus undertones. It is the flower from the bitter orange plant, so it combines beautifully with all orange oils.



Neroli is a wonderful heart/middle note to add to incense to perfumes, or to other crafts, to make a scent that is a bit erotic and hypnotic. This oil is wonderful for use in incense, as a heart note in bath and body care, soap making and in withcraft as a substitution for the plant material.



Latin:     CCitrus aurantium
Gender:    Feminine
Planetary:    Venus, Sun
Zodiac:    Libra, Leo
Elements:    Air, Fire
Chakras:   Crown, Heart

Also known as:  

Magical Properties:

Depression, frigidity, love and writer's block. Neroli supports youthful appearance and a youthful attitude towards life.


Medicinal Properties:

This is grade B essential oil, and is not recommended for medicinal uses. 



Grade B essential oils are not recommended for medicinal use, so have no contraindications. Not for internal use.


You will receive:  A one ounce amber glass bottle of grade B essential neroli oil.

Neroli Essential Oil, Grade B

SKU: EOBNeroli
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