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Myrrh Resin Incense, Resin of Myrrh, Witch's Myrrh Resin, Resin Incense, Myrrh for Maigick, Sacred Feminine


Used for centuries in incense, Myrrh is used either alone of blended with Frankincense to make perfectly balanced incense.


This package contains one oz of chunk resin Myrrh suitable for burning on charcoal. Package shown is 3 x 5" in size, so you can see the size in the package in the images.


Note: This Myrrh is meant for incense.


Resins and charcoal make a lot of smoke when burned, so start sparingly! Another option is this resin burner that uses a tea lite in stead of charcoal. It makes much less smoke.


Latin:              Commiphora myrrha
Gender:          Feminine
Planetary:      Sun, Mars
Element:         Water
Astrological:  Aries, Aquarius


Magical Properties:
Used for protection and purification. Used to increase courage. Connect with Crone energy. Connect with the sacred feminine. Blends beautifully with Frankincense to balance male and female energies.


You will receive a package of 1 oz of Myrrh resin "tears".

Note: This information is for entertainment use only.

Myrrh Chunk Resin

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