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Morning Star is a lovely brand of incense made in Japan. This style is different from the compressed woods of India, the sticks are smaller and the entire stick burns - there is no wooden end.


Each of these boxes comes with a small tile, designed to burn the incense. The style of of this brand is minimal, clean and very much the aesthetic of meditation.


Note: Please put the tile on something heat proof as it can get quite hot.


I have added a few varieties of this incense to round out the offerings available in the shop, for lovers of sacred smoke. If there are any particular favorites you don't see, please let me know as I am working on expanding the offerings all the time.


Amber is a scent that is smooth, slightly sweet and just delicious. Japanese Amber is slightly less sweet than Indian Amber incenses I've smelled.  Still wonderful, just a little Hard to describe, but exotic and gorgeous!

Morningstar Amber Stick Incense

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